Thursday, 22 October 2009

Video: Windows 7 Review (Youtube)

Windows 7 Review

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the resourceful review!

I got my first look at Windows 7 this week and my initial reaction was "so far, so good."

"So far" being the key phrase of that statement.

New operating systems are almost always an improvement, and will almost always generate some sort of enthusiasm or buzz within the first couple months.

But until the user sits down and gets a feel for what a new OS is all about (outside the VirtualBox), you're not going to understand the product's deficiencies ... or its notable improvements.

The reality being you need at least 4-6 months under your belt before you can conclude how successful an OS is for you. And that's the bottom line, how successful is this system to you and your work environment?
Here are my Top 7 reasons Windows 7 could be a success, and Top 7 reasons it could be a failure: