Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Inception Hosting Cheap VPS Server Review

Just been testing a new VPS server from Inception Hosting on my main website and am very pleased with it so far.

I took advantage of their limited special offer on a 4 core Xen VPS with 1gb memory and 650gb data transfer for 10 Euros a month.

They offer VPS servers in the US, UK and Netherlands, I chose a US one as most my visitors are from there. Their cheapest VPS is 4 Euros per month.

I was paying 20 pounds a month for a 1 core 500mb memory VPS, so have upgraded and will have cut my costs by more than half.

I have only been testing it for 3 days so will need to run it for a week or two longer before taking the plunge and cancelling my old one!

My site in monitored every minute and so far there have been no outages and page load times seem as good as on my other server.

It coped easily with 700 visitors all on the site at the same time but still needs more testing as the old one coped with several 1000 at the same time!

I have not had to use customer support yet so can't comment on how good it is!

Support is by submitting a ticket and does not seem to have phone support like my old one. Set up was instant but you do have to install Apache yourself unlike my other one that had it pre-installed.

They also offer an  affiliate program which I'm hoping can reduce my costs even more!

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